• The Collaborative Professionals of Richmond is a practice group of independent professionals, each with their own individual business and practice, comprised of financial neutrals, mental health coaches & child specialists, and attorneys, all located in the central Virginia area. In addition to being highly trained in their respective fields, all members of our local practice group have undergone additional extensive training in collaborative practice.
  • Divorce is one of the most stressful and traumatic life transitions that any individual or family may encounter. Though not the outcome anyone envisions when they marry or partner with someone, it is the unfortunate reality for many.
  • When you retain any of the independent professionals of the Collaborative Professionals of Richmond and form a collaborative “team,” you and your team members will use the principles of the Collaborative practice to settle, in a non-adversarial and private manner, the issues arising from the dissolution of your marriage/domestic partnership and the restructuring of your family.
  • The essence of Collaborative practice is the shared belief that it is in the best interests of your family to commit yourselves to avoid the use of litigation and litigation-based strategic negotiation techniques. By doing so, you agree to resolve your issues in the best interest of both spouses/partners and your children.
  • This form of alternative dispute resolution does not rely on a court-imposed resolution. It does rely on honesty, cooperation, integrity, civility and full disclosure, and a focus on the future well-being of the whole family.

Our Mission

  • Agree to Collaborate

    Our process begins with agreeing to collaborate.

  • Open Communication

    Communication is the key piece to the puzzle when it comes to disovling a marriage.

  • Selecting Your Team

    Your team will guide you along the way as you make decisions related to the seperation.