Team Support for a Kinder, Gentler Approach to Divorce

Step 1

Agree Not To Go To Court
You and your spouse keep control of the decisions, rather than giving it up to a judge. In order to accomplish that, all of the parties consent in writing to be part of the respectful process.

Step 2

Open Communication
Under the best of circumstances, communication can be strained as relationships end. Keeping communication open is essential for reaching an agreement. You will have face-to-face meetings with your spouse, your respective lawyers and your team as needed.

Step 3

Select A Collaborative Team
Financial neutrals, mental health coaches, child specialists & attorneys, located in Central Virginia. Our members are dedicated to resolving family matters using the collaborative process offering support and guidance to handle disputes with mutual respect.

Helping you navigate lifes changes

The collaborative professionals of Richmond is a practice group of independent professionals, each with their own individual business and practice, all located in the central Virginia area. In addition to being highly trained in their respective fields, all members of our local practice group have undergone additional extensive training in collaborative practice.